How to install? 🔧

Filter ® is simple to install and features two separate outlets for filtered and unfiltered water. Follow the steps below to mount your device in 2 minutes .


Unscrew the aerator

  • Find the replacement cartridge and gaskets in the filter.
  • Remove limescale by unscrewing the aerator or tap aerator.

step 2

Unscrew the white ring and choose the adapter side

  • Remove the clear capsule with the filter cartridge and set it aside.
  • Unscrew the white ring and choose the correct side to mount the aerator.
  • Use the black gaskets on both sides.

step 3

Screw and tighten the Filter®

  • Screw the Filter onto your faucet and tighten the white ring.
  • Reinsert the capsule with the filter cartridge.
  • The Filter is now ready to use. It has a separate outlet for unfiltered water; just turn the lever.

Want a video? 👀

Watch the video tutorial below 👇

How to dispose of cartridges ♻️

1. Remove the used cartridge after filtering 1000 liters (or after 3 months).
2. Apply light pressure to the top of the cartridge.
3. The cartridge will break, so empty it and separate the components carefully, disposing of them as follows:

Dry : granular charcoal, silver discs and felts.
Plastic: aerator, cartridge body and lid