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Each item purchased on the website is paid for by Susty Srls , with registered office in Italy, the country from which our shipments will depart.

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Following our green policy, we will personally deliver (and within 48h) the parcels of orders from the Municipality of Palermo.

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If you need to return or exchange your order for any reason, we're here to help! We offer free exchanges within 30 days from receipt of the order in the event that a product is damaged.

However, we do not offer returns if the products are completely intact.
Why? As explained by Studio Industry (2019) ( click here to learn more ) , the environmental cost of a return is enormous. Furthermore, they damage any digital or physical retailer that lacks the distribution capacity of large e-commerce companies.
With this policy we therefore hope to create an aware and responsible community.

For any problems with the order, please write us an email at ; we will reply as soon as possible .

    STEP 1

    Unscrew the aerator

    • Find the replacement cartridge and gaskets in the filter.
    • Remove limescale by unscrewing the aerator or tap aerator.

    step 2

    Unscrew the white ring and choose the adapter side

    • Remove the clear capsule with the filter cartridge and set it aside.
    • Unscrew the white ring and choose the correct side to mount the aerator.
    • Use the black gaskets on both sides.

    step 3

    Screw and tighten the Filter®

    • Screw the Filter onto your faucet and tighten the white ring.
    • Reinsert the capsule with the filter cartridge.
    • The Filter is now ready to use. It has a separate outlet for unfiltered water; just turn the lever.

    Want a video? 👀

    Watch the video tutorial below 👇

    How to dispose of cartridges ♻️

    1. Remove the used cartridge after filtering 1000 liters (or after 3 months).
    2. Apply light pressure to the top of the cartridge.
    3. The cartridge will break, so empty it and separate the components carefully, disposing of them as follows:

    Dry : granular charcoal, silver discs and felts.
    Plastic: aerator, cartridge body and lid