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Kit with 2 cartridges

Kit with 2 cartridges

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💧 Filter ® installs easily and allows you to have filtered and good water to drink, directly from the tap of your home.

🇮🇹 It's entirely produced in Italy and it's the only one to have a patented system in 999 silver to counteract bacterial proliferation.

🚰 It has a separate filtered water outlet to save the use of the cartridge, so you only filter the water when you want !

This kit contains:

💧 1 filter

💧 2 filter cartridges


Buy the Filter only once .
Then change the cartridge every 1000 liters or 3 months .

Data sheet

Input: 22x1F – 24x1M (reversible)
Outputs: 2 (Filtered-Unfiltered)
Min/Max pressure: 2bar/ 5bar
Maximum temperature: 75°C
Mechanical filter: 5-10 microns
Adsorbent filter: activated carbon + felt
Duration Single Cartridge: 1.000 Lt/3 months approximately
Dimensions: height. 8cm; 12cm wide; depth 6.5 cm
Net weight: 190 g

Filter the following materials (up to 1.000lt):
- Chlorine Cl2 60%
- Turbidity 38%
- 5µm microplastics
- Copper Cu 12%
- Iron Fe 17%
- Lead Pb 10%
- Zinc Zn 20%
- Sand, Rust >5µm
- Heavy metals and algae >5µm
- Suspended materials >5µm

Patented antibacterial system

All the cartridges of the FILTER system are made up of a mechanical filter and an activated carbon cartridge for filtering the water, and a patented double disc in 999 silver to counteract bacterial proliferation.

This design has an antibacterial patent and complies with Ministerial Decree n. 25 of 7 February 2012 , which establishes the technical specifications for equipment intended for the treatment of water for human consumption.


Suitable for all standard taps , including the bathroom (including campers, caravans and caravans).

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and send us a photo of your tap.


  • Remove the spent cartridge after filtering 1000 liters (or after 3 months).
  • Apply light pressure to the top of the cartridge.
  • The cartridge will break, so empty it and separate the components carefully, disposing of them as follows:

Dry: granular charcoal, silver disks and felts.

Plastic: aerator, cartridge body and lid.

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Cosa ne pensano i nostri clienti

Our filter cartridge before and after 👇

  • With Filter ®

    ✅ Water free of microplastics and pollutants

    ✅ Patented antibacterial cartridges

    ✅ Better taste

    ✅ Made entirely in Italy

    ✅ Pre and post sales WhatsApp assistance

  • Without Filter ®

    ❌ Presence of microplastics and limestone
    ❌ Contamination of chlorine and heavy metals
    ❌ Unpleasant smell and taste

  • More filters

    ❌ They don't contrast bacterial proliferation
    ❌Made in China

    ❌ Poor quality

    ❌ No pre and post purchase assistance

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