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This kit contains:

💧 2 filter cartridges

The new generation Filtro® refills offer the possibility of carrying out an ecological separation of their components once the threshold of 1000 liters of filtered water used has been reached. As the liters of water are filtered, a gradual darkening of the edges will be visible, fading towards a brown hue. This color change is a highly effective indicator of product performance and when to replace the cartridge regularly. The life of a cartridge is 3-4 months.


Each cartridge has a life of 1000 liters or 3 months.

💧💧 The 2 pack lasts 2000 liters or 6 months.

💧💧💧💧 The 4 pack lasts 4000 liters or 12 months .

Data sheet

Filter the following materials (up to 1.000lt):
- Chlorine Cl2 60%
- Turbidity 38%
- 5µm microplastics
- Copper Cu 12%
- Iron Fe 17%
- Lead Pb 10%
- Zinc Zn 20%
- Sand, Rust >5µm
- Heavy metals and algae >5µm
- Suspended materials >5µm

Patented antibacterial system

All the cartridges of the FILTER system are made up of a mechanical filter and an activated carbon cartridge for filtering the water, and a patented double disc in 999 silver to counteract bacterial proliferation.

This design has an antibacterial patent and complies with Ministerial Decree n. 25 of 7 February 2012 , which establishes the technical specifications for equipment intended for the treatment of water for human consumption.


  • Remove the spent cartridge after filtering 1000 liters (or after 3 months).
  • Apply light pressure to the top of the cartridge.
  • The cartridge will break, so empty it and separate the components carefully, disposing of them as follows:

Dry: granular charcoal, silver disks and felts.

Plastic: aerator, cartridge body and lid.

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